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Welcome to Stormproofings website which provides information relating to the supply of technical coated fabrics and the provision of commission coating services on your own fabrics.

Working in partnership with our customers.

Stormproofings has been producing coated technical textiles within the U.K. since 1981, becoming part of the John Holden Group of companies in 1994.

We are a technology based company employing a dedicated team of key personnel who combine to offer extensive knowledge and un-rivalled expertise relating to the specialist areas of fabric coating and laminating, as well as to the wider polymer and textile industries.

Our wide ranging and extensive product portfolio includes the supply of complete technical coated fabrics, designed to comply with the stringent specifications required in a variety of applications. As an example, both our direct coated fabrics and extrusion coated products (find out more under coatings and main properties) are used in the construction of the high performance gas inflatable structures collectively known as aerostats.

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By way of contrast we also undertake the commission coating of customers’ own materials, creating products which are used in a variety of market sectors including, for example, medical textiles, protective clothing, aerospace products, military applications, marine and sports and leisure fabrics.

Group philosophy emphasises a commitment to innovation in the development of both new products and innovative processes. This commitment focuses our activities towards achieving the successful provision of integrated technical textile solutions appropriate to our customers’ needs. Furthering this objective Stormproofings also aims to provide customer satisfaction through consistent product quality, efficiency of service, including effective delivery lead times.

The company operates to ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management Standard and is currently pursuing registration to Environmental and Health & Safety Management Standards.


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Comprehensive range of coated technical textile fabrics, supplies products which find application within a wide and varied range of market areas.

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Technical coatings on your own fabric, engineered to suit your needs.

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